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Covid Chronicles Nov 2021
There are a number of PREMISES that must be elaborated upon and understood:
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Many of these (close to all) are simply sub-organizations of the parent organization, masquerading as a neutral, unbiased third-party.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.  We must explore these before we even get started.
Initially, in the beginning of 2020, the narrative was that this virus crossed over from bats to humans in a "wet market" in Wuhan, China.  Many suggested that it was ironic that there was a biosafety LEVEL 4 lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).
Many intellectuals came forward asserting that the virus could certainly be leaked from the lab, hence the "lab leak" theory emerged.  These voices were originally silenced, more and more came forward, as of Feb 2021, Chinese officials have still not allowed outsiders to visit the Wuhan lab to investigate the very likely "lab leak" theory.
Used to study viruses and biologicals, this research is claimed to be aimed at understanding and preventing potential risks such as biological warfare and future pandemics.
What was their obligation when they knew about the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China?  Did they act accordingly?  Are they providing evidence-based, scientific, unbiased information that is driving our guidelines?  Are there any conflicts of interest with this group?
Understand what this was originally used for, how this became the "gold standard" for Sars-Cov-2, and the massive flaws with using this to drive public health measures around the world.
This scientific principle has been around for a long time, but just recently, the definition is changed by some of the top health officials...why?
How are these COVID-19 deaths being counted?  IS this accurate, ethical, rational?  How is this death count driving the actions in this country and throughout the world?
Showcased as the "most famous infectious disease specialist of the world".  How did he get this title? What else is he famous for?  Let's review his history, distant and current.
Planet-saving philanthropist?  How did this non-medical professional become the most powerful public health influence in the world?
When were face masks used in the past?  Why are they traditionally used?  Why are they being used now in current times?  Is there evidence to support that they are helpful?  Could they be harmful?
What does the last 40+ years of science say about lockdowns?  How well did they effect the outcomes in 2020-2021?  What problems do they cause?
What is the "Zelenko Protocol"?  Why with this drug so controversial?  What other therapeutics and supplements have been shown to be helpful at treating COVI-19?
Why is "vaccine" in quotes?  Has this delivery system ever been used before?  Why are health experts and healthcare workers around the country concerned with this approach?  Should you be lining up to participate?
How many deaths came from nursing homes?  What should have been done differently?  Who was responsible for making egregious decisions that resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths?
How does COVID-19 affect kids?  What does the evidence say?  Should we keep schools closed and keep teachers instructing through their computers?  Masks, cubicles and lack of socialization; what affect will this have?
Have you ever heard of this group?  Many have not.  It certainly sounds like a conspiracy theory; "By 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy"....but this is very real.  
Could this explain many of the events around the world that don't seem to have much rhyme or reason behind them?
Fact Checking the Fact-Checkers

Intro to Fact-Checkers

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

How Do Fact-Checkers Work?

Skip to 3:50 to learn about PolitiFact

History Rewritten With Alerts for "Fact-Checked" Sites

Who Control the Narrative?
Origins of the Virus

"Lab Leak" Hypothesis

The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus Documentary
China Deletes Key SARS-CoV-2 Related Science
Nobel Laureate Calls COVID-19 Manmade
The Most Important Covid Research
is a Fake Investigation
Former MI6 chief claims coronavirus
came from Wuhan lab
Questions about the origins of the
coronavirus in China

Peter Daszak, US Scientist

In an editorial published in the Journal of Human Security, Colin Butler of Australian National University, a former WHO adviser who not only worked in China but also previously worked with Daszak, argued there is “striking” evidence that COVID-19 may have leaked from a lab.

WHO "Investigates" Wuhan Feb 2021

WHO Investigation Into COVID-19 Origin
Is Blatantly Corrupt

Gain of Function Research

'Gain-of-Function' Experiments Lie
 at Root of the Pandemic

WHO (World Health Organization)

Who is the WHO Made Up Of?

Can You Trust Bill Gates and the WHO
With COVID-19 Pandemic Response?
-Who Funds the WHO?
-Strange Investments & Conflicts of Interest
-WHO's Relationship With China Under Scrutiny
-Project 201
Watch the first 2 Minutes to See Event 201
Scripted Simulation Video
(I'd encourage you to watch the ENTIRE video)

Worldwide Lawsuit in Process

German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus
Problems with PCR Testing

What is PCR Testing?

Kary Mullis (Inventor of Test) Explains How PCR Test Can Find "Anything" if Amplified High Enough
***interesting note, multiple people have posted this clip on YouTube, it has been removed (censored).  I was able to find it with Spanish subtitles, and have hosted it here.  Why is Big-Tech trying to hide this clip?
COVID Diagnosis with PCR | Misinterpreting results | Cycle threshold explained
Shameless Manipulation of Positive PCR Tests
The Insanity of the PCR Testing Saga
Shameless Manipulation of Positive PCR Tests
WHO Changes SARS-CoV-2 Virus Test Criteria to Reduce False Positives
Herd Immunity

Educating Fauci on Herd Immunity

"Sen. Rand Paul Questions Dr. Fauci at HELP Hearing Over Lockdowns - Sept. 23, 2020"
"Rand Paul Tries Gamely To Educate His Eminence Dr Fauci On Covid 19 And Herd Immunity"

WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity

Herd immunity occurs when enough people acquire immunity to an infectious disease such that it can no longer spread widely in the community.
WHO’s definition of herd immunity long reflected this, but in October 2020 it quietly revised this concept in an Orwellian move that totally removes natural infection from the equation.

WHO on Herd Immunity
Covid Death Count

How Are These Numbers Being Counted?

Excess Deaths: Misunderstood and Misinterpreted term in Context of Covid-19 
Understanding All Cause Mortality- Euromomo
(Importance to Focus on Quality Years Life Lost) 
"Second Wave" or Winter Resurgence? My thoughts expressed mid-August 2020 

What Happened in the Hospitals?

Undercover New York Nurse - June 2020
History of Anthony Fauci

Fauci Flip Flops

Fauci Clips, contradicting previous statements
Comments: This is showcased on "Louder With Crowder", an openly far right political show, however, the clips are factual and the commentary is accurate, regardless of one's political affiliation.
Fauci ADMITS LIVE government lied about masks to "preserve supplies"
Comments: Masks have NOT been proven to be effective at this airborne respiratory seasonal virus.  This clip demonstrates the dishonesty and inconsistency of Fauci and other officials.
Fauci in Hot Water (The HighWire)
Feb 25, 2021
Dr. Fauci's COVID-19 Treachery
Highly Referenced Paper
Fauci's Pandemic: How He Caused It and Uses It.

The Numbers After Thanksgiving, Was Fauci Right?

courtesy of Tom Woods:
As of Dec 9, 2020
By now, you may have noticed something: the virus doesn't seem to act the way the various public health measures recommended to us assume it does.

If it did, Florida should be catastrophic: very old population, lots of travel in and out, completely open with no state-imposed occupancy restrictions. And yet right now it's doing better in terms of hospitalizations per million than California, whose lockdown is downright inhuman.

Georgia was supposed to be catastrophic. Not even close. Sweden should certainly be in the top five, or top ten, or at least the top 20 worst places for the virus, yet it isn't.

People's mobility, which you'd think would correspond to more deaths, or "cases," or whatever, corresponds to nothing.

There are theories as to why these outcomes occur, but the standard public-health narrative proceeds as if these mysteries did not exist.


Don't you dare visit people for Thanksgiving, they said.

Thanksgiving was November 26, thirteen days ago. Travel for Thanksgiving occurred 14 to 17 days ago.

Here are the numbers for weekly changes in national COVID hospitalizations, courtesy of Alex Berenson. There was already a spike before Thanksgiving, and it has slowed since:

Nov. 10 - 17: +24%
Nov. 17 - 24: +14%
Nov. 24 - Dec. 1: +12%
Dec. 1 - 8: +6%

As you can see, the most recent week's figure is one-fourth as high as that for the week of November 10.
Meanwhile, check out this graph, showing the massive divergence in deaths by continent.
courtesy of Tom Woods:
As of Dec 17, 2020
Remember how awful Thanksgiving was supposed to be?

Well, here's what happened in the Midwest:
Was everyone in every single one of those states behaving recklessly, and then suddenly, right at Thanksgiving, they thought better of it?

Or might the virus do its thing no matter what?

Meanwhile, what about hospitalizations? These, too, are supposed to be our fault, as insufferable "health care professionals" lecture us with made-up stories about people whose dying words were supposed to have been, "I thought it was a hoax."

Absolute guarantee nobody ever went to his grave saying those words. If you're going to invent a b.s. story, at least make it plausible.

Yinon Weiss (@yinonw) has dug up the relevant information on current hospitalization trends.

Let's start with what the big picture looks like:
I'll bet most people don't think the chart looks like that.

Now given that the U.S. has 6000+ hospitals, some number of them will experience high occupancy from time to time, as has happened numerous times in the past. The chart above shows the aggregate numbers, which do not appear to be abnormal.

With COVID hospitalizations increasing, though, how can this be?

Weiss explains:

"1. Wide COVID spread means people coming in for non-COVID issues but still count as COVID patients."
"2. COVID patients replacing flu patients."

And hence this:
Finally, what's happening in Los Angeles?

Important to know what last year looked like, isn't it?

This is why decontextualized numbers don't help us. We need to know what's typical. Saying an ICU is 85% occupied sounds scary to people who don't know anything. But they generally have to be at least that occupied for a hospital to stay afloat.

Meanwhile, remember: you're not fated to be surrounded by COVID zombies. Join me in my private group and you'll be supported in your sanity by smart, well-informed people who don't think the virus is your fault. And you'll keep up with what's really happening, as opposed to panic propaganda.
-courtesy of Tom Woods

Fauci and AIDS... 

Fauci Was Duplicitous on the AIDS Epidemic Too
Shedding Light On The Dishonorable
Record Of Dr. Fauci 

Kari Mullis (Inventor of PCR Tests) on Anthony Fauci

The Nobel Laureate inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, died at the age of 74 back in August of 2019 but prior to his death, he had a lot of interaction with Fauci.
Watch Video of Kari Mullis Talking About Fauci and Dishonesty & Manipulation with HIV & AIDS
(click NewsWars link to watch video, skip to 2:35)
History of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Is Bill Gates Simply A Planet-Preserving Philanthropist?

Bill Gates Wants to Realize Global Vision
in His Lifetime
(Must Watch Video on this page)
The Great Reset: Bill Gates & Farming - WHAT'S GOING ON?
Gates Organization Orchestrates Hit Piece on Mercola
The Web of Elite Extremists Behind the Censorship
History & Efficacy of Face Masks

Do Masks Prevent COVID-19 Contraction & Transmission?

Science Behind Masks
Masks Likely Do Not Inhibit Viral Spread
Mindless Mask Mandates Likely
Do More Harm Than Good
Ep117: Return of the Emeritus Immunology Professor - Revealing All!

March 2021 CDC Mask Study - Statistically Significant?

Potential Harm From Wearing Masks?

Need for assessing the inhalation of micro(nano)plastic debris shed from masks, respirators, and home-made face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic
Other Headlines around the world:

Do they Work?  What Does the ACTUAL DATA Show?

As of Jan 6, 2021
The Centers for Disease Control published a Tweet that included this line, along with a link to an article about Delaware: "In Delaware, universal mask use helped reduce #COVID19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths."
 Before I even show you Delaware's chart, think about what it should look like if what this January 5 Tweet said weren't misleading.


Here it is:
So we have two things of note here.
 Number one: looking at these hospitalization numbers on January 5, 2020, would your conclusion be: masks sure lowered the number of hospitalizations?

Number two: the mask mandates in Pennsylvania and Delaware went into effect nine days apart, and yet their curves both came down at exactly the same time. So as Ian wonders, are we supposed to believe that mandates at different times had exactly the same result at exactly the same time, or might it make more sense to conclude that the spread of the virus is regional and seasonal?

This kind of reminds me of CNN and Canada. They published an article called "Why Canada Flattened the Curve -- and the US Didn't." The usual nonsense, as you might imagine.
Days later, well, you can see what happened:
Do you suppose they wrote a follow-up article acknowledging this? (And yes, deaths also increased, not just "cases.")
-courtesy of Tom Woods
History & Efficacy of Lockdowns

The World Copied China

Lockdown - The Dark Side of History. Are we Doomed to Repeat it?
MUST WATCH - the Scientific History of Lockdowns - Part 3. What Really Happened!
Lockdown - Why Did We Copy China?

Ivor Cummins: Chemical Engineer, Complex Problem Solver (from Ireland)

"Lockdowns are the WORST single intervention probably in human history, aiming to improve health."

Florida Wins the Lockdown Science War -
Hands Down - no problemo!!! 😃
Did they Get This Wrong About COVID?

Before and After Lockdown/Mask Numbers Per Country

courtesy of Tom Woods:
As of Dec 23, 2020
Remember early on, we'd get snooty headlines about how such-and-such European country flattened the curve and showed us the way, etc.? 
 The subtext was always, "Unlike in the U.S., where the stupid rubes hate science." Those countries were supposed to have "listened to the science" by locking people down and ruining their lives.

Well, pretty much every single one of the European countries that the media once touted has lately been experiencing a tragic rise in deaths.

This chart shows it all, complete with the triumphalist headlines we heard about some of them. We'll probably be waiting a long time for any acknowledgments of error:
(click to enlarge)
Hydroxychloriquine, Ivermectin, Zinc & other therapeutics

The Zelenko Protocol (HCQ + Zinc)

Retraction of HCQ Study in the Lancet Medical Journal

"The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue….We aid and abet the worst behaviors. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals…The apparent endemicity of bad research behavior is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world."

-In 2015 Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief of The Lancet


The Tablet That Cracked COVID


Dr. Pierre Kory on Bret Weinstein Podcast

Ivermectin Protocol by FLCCC

Vitamin D3 Reduces Severity of COVID-19

Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces COVID-19 Deaths by 64%

Direct Correlation With Higher Vit D Levels & More Favorable Outcomes

How much should you take?

First off, what type of Vitamin D?  Answer: Vit D3 combined with K2 (these come together in the same capsule or liquid) is the best bet for optimal utilization by your body.

To find out your Vit D levels, you need to measure this in a blood draw, talk to your doctor about getting this tested.

If you don't have an actual lab analysis:
If you HAVE NOT been supplementing daily OR you don't live in an area that provides adequate Vit D production due to limited year-long sun light and weather (you need to have approx. 60% of your skin exposed for 30m per day to have a chance at producing proper levels of Vit D on the surface of your skin), then you can safely assume you are low and the following protocol will likely be appropriate:

First 30 days:
Take 10,000 IU's/day

After that loading dose:
Take 5,000 IU's/day (I personally have done this for years, my levels hover around 75-90ng/dl)

THEN... go get some lab work after 2-3 months and see where you are at (ideally, get lab work before you even begin to determine your baseline)

Ideal is 70-90ng/dl. (the average American is deficient, many are in the single digits! )

Chlorine Dioxide Solution

The Covid-19 "Vaccines"

Developer of mRNA technology Speaks Out - 
(before he was censored & discredited)


Dr. Robert Malone on Bret Weinstein Podcast

Who is Dr. Malone?

Three people benefit, Two people DIE

Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks

Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks: Interview with Geert Vanden Bossche

Early Treatment Evidence- Dr. Peter McCullough: 

JULY 25, 2021

"The mechanism of action is unsafe"

What will happen to those who have taken "vaccine"...

Stand up to them, just say "NO"

American Red Cross excludes those who had "vaccine" from donating convalescent plasma

"We exceeded on Jan 22, 2021 the confidence interval for risk (for the jab) **should have been shut down**


Vaccine Adverse Events

What is this "Vaccine" (why is the word VACCINE in quotes?)

Actor Ben Stein & Vaccine Side Effects

Effectiveness of the "Vaccines"

Pfizer announced "90% Effective"
(What does that mean?)

Vaccine for Covid! Great news or not so fast?

What are Lipid Nanoparticles?

(containing polyethylene glycol (PEG)

Moderna Says LNP's could trigger "Significant Adverse Events"

--> immune reaction related adverse events
--> may enter the brain
   (click on picture below to read full article)

Covid-19 Vaccine (Pfizer & Moderna) Efficacy Explained - It's Not What You Think

In video below, Data Demystified, Jeff Galak explains:

(skip to 3min to see the math)

38,955 participants in study
of that, 94 got COVID-19
85 were in placebo group
9 were in vaccine group
85/94 = 90.4%

av. 30,000 participants in study
of that, 95 got COVID-19
90 were in placebo group
5 were in vaccine group
90/95 = 94.7%

Side Affects / Deaths / What Could Go Wrong?

MARCH 2021

39-Year-Old Mother Dies After 2nd Dose of Moderna Vaccine: Family

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told The Epoch Times in an email that as of March 8, 2021, more than 92 million doses of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 had been administered, with 1,637 deaths occurring following the injections.

Miami Doctor Dies After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

MedPage Today Attempts to Downplay Death

Florida doctor's death after receiving COVID-19 vaccine sparks investigation

Wife, Heidi Neckelmann's FB Post

COVID Vaccine & Pregnancy

3 Dozen Cases of Spontaneous Miscarriages, Stillbirths Occurring After COVID-19 Vaccination

March 2021

Should You Be Concerned?

How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System

Key Topics to Explore & Understand

What is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement?

Difference between Neutralizing antibodies and binding antibodies.

How can Paradoxical Immune Enhancement occur?

Do a risk analysis before you consider taking this "vaccine".

April 2020

Seniors & COVID-19 "Vaccines"

Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine
Labeled as Natural Causes

Massive Amounts of Serious Side Effects Emerging

While the global vaccine campaign is less than a month old in most places, reports of serious side effects have already started pouring in. Many are sharing their personal experiences on social media networks. Disturbingly, many are having their stories censored as misleading or false. Videos, in particular, tend to be taken down.

Aside from sudden death within hours or days, examples of side effects among survivors of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines include:

-Persistent malaise and extreme exhaustion
-Severe allergic, including anaphylactic reactions
-Multisystem inflammatory syndrome
-Chronic seizures and convulsions
-Paralysis, including Bell’s Palsy

CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are DYING LIKE FLIES After COVID Injections! SPEAK OUT!!!

Rumble — James (he gives his last name in the video) is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), and he recorded this video as a whistleblower because he could not keep silent any longer.

James reports that in 2020 very few residents in the nursing home where he works got sick with COVID, and none of them died during the entire year of 2020.

However, shortly after administering the Pfizer experimental mRNA injections, 14 died within two weeks, and he reports that many others are near death.

He makes it very clear that these were patients he knew and cared for (he is also a "lay pastor"), and that after being injected with the mRNA shot, residents who used to walk on their own can no longer walk. Residents who used to carry on an intelligent conversation with him could no longer talk.

And now they are dying. "They're dropping like flies."

James calls upon other CNAs, Nurses, and family members to go public and tell the world what is going on with these experimental mRNA COVID injections.

"How many more lives need to be lost before we say something?"

If you know what is happening, but are not speaking out, then you are part of the problem.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci
& Pro-Vaccine Movement


Heated Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

What About Other Vaccines?

Flu Shots for Dummies

Nursing Home Fiasco

Is the COVID Vaccine Safe for Seniors?

Why COVID Testing is a Farce

"People are dying because of the vaccines … It looks more and more as though we're dealing with homicide, and maybe even murder."

 ~ Reiner Fuellmich, attorney

Schools, Covid & Children

coming soon...

The World Economic Forum (WEC)
& The Great Reset

What is "The Great Reset"?

Is There Another Motive Behind All of This?

HIJACKED - The Great Reset

Hygiene Socialism | For The Greater Good

Protectors of the People or Master Manipulators?

If you ever thought you wouldn't comply in Nazi Germany, this is the experiment you must know about. The real question now is, when tested, will you bend your knee to criminals, or follow your own moral compass, common sense and reason?
The Milgram Experiment - 1962
"The results, as I observed them in the laboratory are disturbing. It raises the possibility that human nature cannot be counted on to insulate man from brutality and inhuman treatment at the direction of malevolent authority.

A substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do, irrespective of the content of the act and without limitations of conscience, so long as they perceive the command comes from a legitimate authority. 

If in this study, an anonymous experimenter could successfully command adults to subdue a 50-year-old man and force on him painful electric shocks against his protests, one can only wonder what government, with its vastly greater authority and prestige can command of its subjects."
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